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Is my Affidavit of Indigency Confidential?

Produced by Merrimack Valley North-Shore Legal Services, Inc.
Reviewed September 2013

The general public cannot see your Affidavit of Indigency and the fee waiver you get from the court. No one else in the case can see these papers either.

The only people besides you and your lawyer who can see your Affidavit of Indigency are people that need to be paid, like:

  • authorized court personnel,
  • the sheriff or constable that serves your notice, or
  • the billing department at the newspaper if you need to publish your notice.

If you need anyone else to see or get copies of these documents, you must give the court and the person your permission in writing.

If another party in the case wants to see your records, they must get a court order to give them permission.

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