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The Department of Revenue


The Massachusetts Department of Revenue has a Child Support Enforcement Division (DOR/CSE).  The DOR/CSE gets child support orders, helps parents change child support orders, and makes sure that parents pay their child support orders.  You can apply to DOR/CSE for help.

DOR/CSE can:

  • work with parents to get a child support order;
  • work with the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) to get a child support order;
  • help find the other parent;
  • figure out who the father of a child is – “paternity”;
  • go to court to get child support orders;
  • collect child support and send it to the parent the child lives with;
  • review child support orders for possible changes;
  • go to court to ask to change child support orders;
  • make sure parents pay the child support by:
    • increasing the amount of child support taken from the parent’s paycheck;
    • charging interest on past-due child support;
    • seizing a parent’s property;
    • taking a parent’s tax refund;
    • levying a parent's bank account;
    • taking a parent's driver's license or professional license;
    • reporting overdue child support to credit reporting agencies; and
    • taking a parent to court.

DOR/CSE does not: 

  • deal with custody or visitation
  • take either parent’s side in court. Their job is to get the right amount of child support for your child;
  • hire private investigators to see if a parent is hiding money;
  • make parents obey alimony orders if it is not part of a child support order; or
  • make parents pay child support by bringing criminal charges, except in very special situations.

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Last updated June 2013

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