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United States immigration laws affect everyone in the US who is not a US citizen. “Everyone” includes people with green cards - lawful permanent residents, and people who have lived in the U.S. for many years.

It does not matter what your immigration status is, you still have certain rights. The Attorney General's Office just created a hotline you can call if you are being harassed or treated unfairly. Call 1-800-994-3228 or file a civil rights complaint.

If you are not a US citizen and you live in the US, read the articles below to learn more. Massachusetts immigration lawyers wrote all of the articles in this section.


Stop Notario Fraud!

Do not become a victim of dishonest immigration consultants often known as “notarios.” Immigration consultants, notaries public, and notarios cannot represent you in the immigration process. These people—especially notarios—prey on immigrants, often from the same ethnic community as the notarios themselves. 


Do not believe rumors about benefits and immigration


Rumors and

Myths and Facts. Myths are still myths, facts are still facts. Nothing has changed.

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Before you talk to USCIS always speak with an Immigration Specialist.


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