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How Much Child Support Should My Children Receive?


Judges use the Child Support Guidelines to figure out how much child support to order.

The Guidelines tell judges:

  • to use the parents’ Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. The Worksheet shows the judge:
    • the amount of each parent’s income and certain expenses,
    • the number of children the order will support, and
    • the amount of child support to order;
  • to look at the amount of time children spend with each parent, “parenting time;” and
  • the reasons a judge can use to order an amount different from the Worksheet amount, “deviation.”

The federal government says that states must review their guidelines every 4 years.

The Massachusetts Trial Court just finished reviewing our Child Support Guidelines. They made some changes.

On August 1, 2013, judges will use the newest Child Support Guidelines

See The Child Support Guidelines for details.

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Last updated Aug 1, 2013


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