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Enforcing a Child Support Order

Complaint to Enforce

You can only use this interview if:

  1. you are a parent and the other parent is not obeying the child support order;
  2. both parents live in the US;
  3. at least one parent lives in Massachusetts; and
  4. you make less than $75,000.

You can use the interview if you need the court to help you get the child support the court ordered.

    Before you start

    You need to

    1. Watch the video on Child Support;
    2. Read the articles about Child Support and Enforcing a Child Support Order;
    3. Have your existing child support order nearby;
    4. Gather information about your income and expenses; and
    5. Have information about the other parent's income. This information is helpful, but not necessary.

    Your computer needs

    1. Internet Explorer or Firefox as a browser;
    2. Pop-up blockers turned off
      1. Turn off popup blocker in Internet Explorer 7 & 8
      2. Turn off popup blocker in Firefox
    3. Adobe Flash to see the program. Download it now for free;
    4. Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it now for free.


    Begin your interview.

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    Last Updated 30 May, 2014

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