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Changing a Child Support Order


Complaint to Modify

You only use this interview if you make less than $75,000.

You can use the interview if you need to:

  • change the amount,
  • change the parent who gets child support,
  • change the parent who provides health insurance, or
  • end or extend the child support order.

Before you start

You need to

  1. Watch the videos on Child Support and Changing a child support Order;
  2. Read the articles about Child Support and Changing a Child Support Order;
  3. Have your existing child support order nearby;
  4. Gather information about your income and expenses; and 
  5. Have information about the other parent's income. This information is helpful, but not necessary.

Your computer needs

  1. Internet Explorer or Firefox as a browser;
  2. Pop-up blockers turned off
    1. Turn off popup blocker in Internet Explorer 7 & 8
    2. Turn off popup blocker in Firefox
  3. Adobe Flash to see the program. Download it now for free;
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it now for free.



Begin your interview


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