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Booklets and Handbooks


One of the most important steps you can take as a tenant is to know your rights. What your rights are will depend upon what type of housing you live in or applying for.

This section of the website has all of our handbooks and booklets available to download as PDF files. These booklets have useful forms, sample letters, and checklists.

Private Housing

Download individual PDF files below or get the entire book as an eBook - Find Out How.

Legal Tactics epub for Android or i-devices

Legal Tactics for Kindle

Eviction Storage Law Flyer Eviction Storage Law Flyer
Download a one-page overview

Eviction Storage Law Booklet Eviction Storage Law Booklet
Download a booklet on the new law

Sample Letter to Give to Constable Sample Letter to Give to Constable
Download a sample eviction storage letter to constable


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