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September 2017

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Created July 2008

If you are a tenant in a mobile home park, you have important legal rights under Massachusetts law.1 In some cases, your rights, as well as your responsibilities, are very different from those of other tenants. The reason for this is very practical: while other tenants rent their homes, mobile home park tenants own their homes and rent the land under the homes. This makes the relationship of a mobile home tenant to the mobile home park and its owner different from other landlord and tenant relationships.

The purpose of this chapter is to give you an overview of the legal tools that help park tenants protect their right to a decent place to live. Experience has taught park tenants that one very important tool they have is working with other park tenants to resolve problems. More often than not, if there is a problem with the park or its owner, it is likely that more than one park resident is having a problem.

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