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SNAP/Food Stamps

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as Food Stamps, can help you and your family buy food at supermarkets, grocery stores and other participating stores.

Are you having problems getting your SNAP?

  • You cannot get through to DTA on the phone
  • Your local office tells you to come back later
  • Your local office will not accept your documents
  • DTA keeps asking you for the same proof over and over
  • You get a notice that says DOR Employment Verification Notice at the top
  • You started getting much lower SNAP but your income and expenses have not changed
  • You have stopped getting SNAP and you do not know why

This is part of the Massachusetts SNAP crisis!

Get help now! See Tips to protect your SNAP Food Stamp benefits.

Apply for SNAP

Project Bread can help you:

  • find out if you qualify for SNAP, and
  • help you apply.


Making America Stronger: US Food Stamp Program a video about the history of SNAP and how the program works today.

November 2013 - SNAP amounts go down

Watch the video:

Produced by Michelle Lerner/Pat Baker
Last Updated August 2013

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