SNAP/Food Stamps Eligibility and Benefits for Families with No Children and Individuals


If you are disabled or age 60 or older, you do not have a gross income limit for SNAP/Food Stamps. DTA subtracts all of your deductions (shelter costs, medical costs, etc.) from your income to get the net income amount they use to calculate your SNAP/Food Stamps.  If you are disabled or you are a senior, you might be able to get SNAP/Food Stamps even if your gross income is higher than the amount in the chart below. See the SNAP Advocacy Guide: Income Tests for more information.

SNAP/Food Stamps if you are not elderly or disabled

*Gross Income Limit
If not Elderly or Disabled
*Max F.S. Benefit
for Everyone

1 person:


2 people:


3 people:


4 people:


5 people:


*Updated October 2014

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Last Updated October 2014

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