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DTA must administer the program in accordance with laws set by Congress, the federal regulations issued by USDA, and any waivers or demonstration projects approved by USDA.

  • The federal regulations are printed in Title 7 of the Code of Federal Regulations1.
  • USDA publishes proposed, interim and final rules at the following link: You can also find USDA’s policy memos and programs at the same link.

The DTA SNAP regulations are printed in Chapter 106 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (C.M.R.), found at transitional-assistance-regulations

DTA policy guidance

DTA issues a wide range of guidance on the SNAP and cash program policies and procedures:

  • The DTA Online Guide has detailed information written for DTA case managers on cash and SNAP, useful for case advocacy.
  • In addition to the Online Guide, in the past, DTA has issued guidance through Operations Memos or monthly Transitions newsletters. MLRI has posted DTA’s older policy memos and ongoing Transitions here on
Notas finales

7 C.F.R. § 271 et seq.


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