33. Can you get TAFDC just for your children if you are not a citizen?

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Yes. You have the right to exclude from the TAFDC application any noncitizen family members who do not want to apply. DTA will give you a form to list family members who do not wish to apply. See DTA Field Operations Memo 2004-34 (Sept. 20, 2004); Appendix E (DTA Online Guide Links)

Advocacy Reminders

  • Non-citizens can also opt out of the SNAP (food stamp) application. But if you have lawful status in the U.S.you may be eligible for higher benefits if you do not opt out. And even if you opt out of TAFDC and SNAP, your children may be eligible for higher SNAP benefits if you have legal status and show DTA proof of that status. See 106 C.M.R. §§ 362.220, 365.520(B).
  • See the work rules for non-citizen parents on the work rules for noncitizen parents who are not included in the TAFDC assistance unit.


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