63. Does TAFDC count assets?

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Massachusetts Law Reform Institute

An asset is money or property you already have. 106 C.M.R. § 704.100.

Effective July 1, 2021, TAFDC does not count assets. Because TAFDC does not count assets, DTA should also not count money or property you spent, gave away, or otherwise transferred before you applied for TAFDC. DTA Online Guide Transmittal 2021-85 (Nov. 10, 2021) (TAFDC and EAEDC: Asset Eligibility Limits Eliminated). See Appendix E (DTA Online Guide Links). However, DTA’s regulations at 106 C.M.R. § 704.135 still provide for ineligibility of applicants for TAFDC who transferred benefits within 12 months of application. Email [email protected] if the transfer of assets rule is a problem for you.


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