114. How can I get more information from DTA about my overpayment?

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You have the right at any time to call DTA and ask for more information about your overpayment. Call the Overpayment and Recoveries Unit at: 1-800-462-2607.

This is especially important if you are filing an appeal and do not agree with the overpayment or the overpayment amount. You can ask for the packet of information related to your overpayment. DTA should give you information including:

  • The overpayment referral (when was the overpayment discovered, what type of overpayment DTA is pursuing, etc.),
  • Notes about the SNAP overpayment in the case (“case narratives”) and relevant DTA notices,
  • Any evidence or proof they got from other parties or agencies,
  • Proof that the overpaid SNAP benefits were used, and
  • How they calculated the SNAP overpayment - including a monthly breakdown.
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