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Reviewed November 2021

A subpoena is a letter that tells a person they must:

  • come to court and testify, or
  • deliver written evidence to a court or other legal proceeding.

A subpoena must be notarized. See What if I have to have something notarized?

Why would I use a subpoena?

You can use a subpoena to:

  • Make someone attend a hearing and
    • testify, or
    • bring written evidence to help your case.

The person you subpoena is a witness. Written evidence you can subpoena are records like: bank statements, photos, phone records, payroll records, and medical records.

  • Make a record keeper deliver records to the court. Records you can subpoena are documents like business records and medical records.

Subpoena to testify and bring written evidence

Subpoena to bring records

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