How the court keeps track of the guardian and the minor

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If your child was placed in a guardianship, the court requires the guardian to provide certain information to both you and the court. There are two main ways the guardian must keep the court up-to-date:

First, a guardian is required to tell the Court in writing within 30 days of any changes to their or the child’s home address or telephone number.

Second, a guardian has a duty to file an Annual Report of Guardian of Minor about the child they are caring for. The form must be filed each year. The court will not remind a guardian to file their report.

The report form asks for information concerning:

  1. The child’s name and current address.
  2. The guardian’s name and address.
  3. The names and ages of any other people living with the guardian and child, and their relationship to the guardian
  4. Whether the guardian has been investigated for abuse or neglect since the last report was filed or since the parties were last in court.
    1. If the guardian has been investigated, they must list the date, circumstances, investigating agency, outcome, and involvement of the court in this investigation.
  5. Whether the child has moved since the last report was filed or since the parties were last in court.
    1. If the child has moved, the guardian must explain why.
  6. Whether the child is in school, what grade they are in, and how they are doing in school including their grades and any special services they are receiving..
    1. If the child is over 6 years old and is not in school, the guardian must explain why.
  7. Whether the child’s physical, mental, or medical health has changed since the last report, and if the child has been hospitalized or injured.
    1. If the child’s health has changed, the guardian must explain what the change is.
    2. If the child has been injured, or they have been hospitalized, the guardian must explain what happened.
  8. Whether the child has contact with their parent or parents.
    1. If the child and parents are speaking, the guardian must report how often, when the most recent contact was, if the contact occurs regularly, and what the quality of their interactions is.
  9. Whether the child has been involved in any court cases (such as criminal charges, delinquency proceedings, or a child requiring assistance petition) since the last report or since the parties were last in court for the guardianship case. 
    1. If the child is involved in a new court case, the guardian must explain what the case is about.
  10. Any other information that the guardian thinks will help the court to review the child’s general wellbeing.


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