How to respond to a fraud letter from the RMV

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Did you get a letter from the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) about fraud after applying for a driver's license in Massachusetts? This letter says that the RMV has suspended your license because it thinks there may have been fraud. Here is an example fraud letter.

If you got this letter, read more to learn about what you can do.


If you recently got a fraud letter but you already have a license, you should stop driving immediately.

What is a fraud letter?

A “fraud letter” is a letter from the RMV notifying you that your license is suspended because of a law under the Massachusetts General Law of “Complaint Fraudulent License/ID.” This means that the RMV has flagged your license application, and they are suspending your license until the issue is resolved. Although the letter says “fraud,” this does not necessarily mean that you have committed fraud. It just means that the RMV believes that there may have been fraud. 

See an example of a redacted fraud letter.

It is important that you keep this letter safe, as you will need it to schedule a hearing if you would like to resolve this issue. 


If you recently received a fraud letter but you already have a license, you should stop driving immediately.

Why did I receive a fraud letter?

There are many reasons why you may have received a fraud letter. Some common reasons are:

  • You applied for a driver’s license or other state ID using another person’s information.
  • Someone else used your name to apply for a license.
  • You applied to register a vehicle with someone else’s ID.
  • You used a foreign ID (like an ID/License/Cédula from your home country) that was not recognized by the RMV. Or
  • You applied for a regular non-driving identification.
What are the consequences of receiving a fraud letter?

Depending on what the letter says, you may not be allowed to drive a car or apply for a license until you resolve the fraud claim. 

Note for immigrants:

Immigration officials will know about the fraud letter when you apply for adjustment of status. So it is important that you resolve the claim of fraud to avoid any issues with immigration authorities in the future.

How do I resolve the claim of fraud?

To resolve a fraud claim, you or your lawyer (if you have one) will need to schedule a hearing with the RMV. There are different steps if you have a lawyer, but you do not need a lawyer to resolve this issue.

How do I schedule a hearing?

If you do not have a lawyer, you will need to email the RMV at [email protected] and attach the documents listed below. A hearing is an opportunity for you and an RMV enforcement officer to discuss the charges of your fraud letter, and issue a penalty. 

If you have a lawyer, your lawyer will need to email the RMV at [email protected]

What documents do I need?

To schedule a hearing, you need the documents below. Submit these documents to [email protected] before your hearing. If you have a lawyer, your lawyer will submit these documents to the email address above. Note that these documents need to be sent to the RMV Enforcement Officer even if you have sent them before. 


Any identification or document that is originally in a foreign language needs to be translated based on the RMV requirements. See the RMV's requirements for language translations.

I scheduled a hearing. What happens now?

The hearing is a phone call, and the RMV will call you or your lawyer on the day and time of your appointment. At this phone call hearing, you will:

  • Learn why you received a fraud letter; 
  • Learn if there are any other charges against you in criminal court or with the RMV;
  • Respond honestly to the RMV Enforcement and explain the situation exactly as it happened, without leaving any detail out. Denying that you used another ID when you did will not help your case; and
  • Receive a penalty
What happens after the hearing?

The hearing officer will tell you what you need to do to get a license. If the license suspension is your only issue, the penalty will likely be:

  • a $500 fine, and 
  • a 6 month suspension from being able to apply for a license or reinstate your license. 

But if you have other issues, like unpaid tickets, you may have extra fines. 

Once a hearing has taken place and a penalty is issued, you will need to wait 6 months and then pay the fine when you go to reapply for a license. Note that you do not have to pay the fine until you apply for or reinstate your license.


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