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Reviewed December 2017

Countable monthly income can not be greater than the grant amounts. Subtract countable monthly income from the grant amounts for your unit size to get the monthly EAEDC grant.

  Table A* Table B* Table C* Table D* Table E* Table H*
Unit Size
Standards of Assistance Standards of Assistance Standards of Assistance Standards of Assistance Standards of Assistance Standards of Assistance
1 $ 303.70 $ 91.60 $ 72.80 $ 92.80 $ 72.80 plus per diem $ 202.50
2 395.10 183.20   184.40   263.40
3 486.60 274.80   275.70   324.40
4 578.20 366.40   367.30   385.50
5 669.80 458.00   458.90   446.60
6 761.10 549.60   534.30   507.40
Incremental 91.60 91.60   91.60   61.10

*A: Individuals living alone, or living with others not in situations *B or *H.
*B: Individuals living with a spouse who gets TAFDC, or living with dependents who get TAFDC.
*C: Individuals living in nursing homes, halfway houses, residential treatment centers, and other medical institutions.
*D: People with no shelter expenses, including people in emergency shelter if they have free housing, fuel and utilities.
*E: Individuals in licensed rest homes or residential care facilities.
*H: Members of a married couple, where the spouse is also getting EAEDC, or is getting TAFDC for her/himself, or TAFDC for her/himself and children not his/her own.

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