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If you need affordable health insurance, you may be able to get free or low-cost health coverage from MassHealth or ConnectorCare. MassHealth and ConnectorCare are separate programs but you apply for both at the same time. If you are not eligible for full MassHealth coverage, you may be eligible for ConnectorCare instead.

How do I apply for MassHealth and ConnectorCare?

You apply for both MassHealth and ConnectorCare at the same time, through one application.

The application form and the way you apply are different, based on whether you are over or under the age of 65. 

  • For most people under 65, financial eligibility for MassHealth is based on income alone. 
  • For most people 65 and over, financial eligibility for MassHealth is based on income and assets.

Get help with applying

For many people, the best way to apply is with help from an “enrollment assister,” “certified application counselor” or “navigator.” These are people who are trained and certified by MassHealth and the Health Connector. Find a statewide enrollment assister or one near you.

If you are under 65, or the primary caretaker of a child

If you are under 65, or the primary caretaker of a child under 19, you can:

If you are 65 or older

See more information about application options for people 65 and older. You can:

  • Apply by completing a paper application called a SACA-2. Return it by mail or fax, or drop it off at a MassHealth Enrollment Center.
  • Complete the SACA-2 as a fillable form online. You sign it and submit it electronically. You must complete the form in one sitting. 
  • Apply by telephone at 800-841-2900. A MassHealth worker will ask you questions needed to complete the SACA-2 and get your electronic signature.
  • Apply in person at a MassHealth Enrollment Center. MassHealth encourages you to schedule an appointment in advance.  

If you are on Medicare
If you only want help with your Medicare premiums, copayments and deductibles, but do not want to apply for full MassHealth coverage, there is a 1-page application for MassHealth Medicare Savings Programs that only help with Medicare costs. Find out more about Medicare Savings Programs.

What happens after I submit my application?

You will get a written notice in the mail telling you if your application was:

  • approved, 
  • denied,
  • or if MassHealth needs more information to make a decision. 

If you applied online or by phone, you may find out right away if you qualify or not or whether more information is needed. 

If you are approved, the notice tells you what program you qualify for and when your coverage will begin. 

If you are denied, the notice will tell you the reason and include information about your right to appeal. 

Sometimes the notice will tell you that more information is needed before MassHealth can decide if you qualify. Sometimes the notice will say that you are qualified but only temporarily, to give you time to submit more information. A second letter will tell you what other information you need to send.  

What happens if I qualify for MassHealth?

If MassHealth finds you qualify, you are covered by MassHealth right away. Usually it will also cover you for a period before you submit the application. This is called a “retroactive” coverage period. If you were charged for any medical expenses during the retroactive period, let your providers know so they can bill MassHealth for those expenses. 

MassHealth will send you a blue card with your unique MassHealth ID number. The number will be on the notice from MassHealth too. Be sure to always show your card or have your MassHealth ID number when you see your health care providers. 

Most people under 65 also need to pick a managed care plan soon after they qualify for MassHealth. If this applies to you, MassHealth will mail you information about your plan options. If you do not pick a plan for yourself, MassHealth will assign a plan for you. Your managed care plan will send you a plan card that will also have your MassHealth ID on it, and information about your plan benefits. 

You can get help to decide which managed care plan you want or change your plan. For help, call MassHealth Customer Service at 1-800-841-2900. Or call one of the certified enrollment assistance organizations that help people apply.

What happens if I qualify for ConnectorCare?

Get notices in the mail

If you qualify for ConnectorCare, you will get 2 notices in the mail: 1 from MassHealth and 1 from the Health Connector.

The MassHealth notice will tell you:

  • that you do not qualify for full MassHealth, 
  • explain the reasons why, and
  • tell you your appeal rights.
  • The notice may also tell you about other benefits that you qualify for besides ConnectorCare. 

Some people who qualify for ConnectorCare may also qualify for a kind of MassHealth called MassHealth Limited that only covers emergencies. Some people who qualify for ConnectorCare may qualify for the Health Safety Net temporarily to give them time to enroll in ConnectorCare.

If you apply online or over the phone, you may find out right away if you were denied MassHealth but qualify for ConnectorCare.

If you qualify for ConnectorCare, the notice in the mail will tell you:

  • that you qualify for ConnectorCare Plan Type 1, 2 or 3;
  • how much your copayments will be are based on whether you are in Plan Type 1, 2 or 3;
  • how much help you will get with your premium costs; and  
  • How to enroll in a health plan.*

* Some people may have no premium contribution and may be automatically enrolled into a plan.

Enroll in a plan

If you qualify for ConnectorCare, you first have to choose and enroll in a health plan to:

  • know what your premium contribution will be, and
  • have health coverage. 

To enroll, you have to select a health plan and pay the first month’s premium (if any) by the 23rd of the month to have coverage on the 1st of the next month.

If your income is low, you may not have to pay a premium and will just have to select a plan by the 23rd. If you do not have to pay a premium and you selected the option to let the Connector automatically enroll you into a plan, you may be automatically enrolled into ConnectorCare.

After enrolling, you will get a card and information in the mail from your plan.

You can apply for coverage from the Connector at any time, but there are deadlines about when you can enroll. You must enroll within 60 days from the date you get a letter that says you can enroll in ConnectorCare or other coverage, unless there is a special reason for you to enroll later.  One special reason you will be able to enroll in 2024 is that you lost your MassHealth coverage after April 1, 2023. 

Pay the first month’s premium

To make a premium payment:

See ConnectorCare Health Insurance to learn more.

Once you are enrolled in MassHealth, you may have to take action to stay enrolled. At least once a year MassHealth will check to see if you still qualify. Learn more in How to Keep your MassHealth Coverage.

What if my application is denied?

If MassHealth or the Health Connector deny your application because they say you do not qualify or didn't return information on time, you have the right to appeal. Find free legal help with your appeal.

If an enrollment assister helped you to apply or renew, ask them about your denial. They should be able to explain the reasons for the denial, your right to appeal, and refer you to legal help. Also, sometimes a denial is based on missing or wrong information that an enrollment assister can help you send in.

How can I reach MassHealth and the Health Connector?

In person

MassHealth Enrollment offices in Chelsea, Charlestown, Tewksbury, Springfield, Quincy, Worcester, and Taunton are open for limited walk-in visitors. Office locations are listed here.

MassHealth encourages people to schedule phone or video appointments instead of visiting a MassHealth Enrollment Center. Click here to schedule an appointment.

The Health Connector walk-in centers in Worcester, Boston, and Springfield are open. See Locations and offices hours.

By phone

Call MassHealth Customer Service: 1-800-841-2900. Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled, call TTY: 711

Call the Health Connector’s Customer Service: 1-877-623-6765. Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled, call TTY: 1-877-623-7773.

In a language other than English

For free translation of MassHealth notices and forms, and to get an interpreter to talk to MassHealth over the phone, call MassHealth Customer Service: 1-800-841-2900. If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled, call TTY: 711.

MassHealth’s customer service phone line has options to select a language in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Haitian Creole. 

You can also get an interpreter for any other language, but to do that, after listening to the messages in different languages, select 0 and stay on the line until a person answers. If the person who answers the phone is speaking English, be prepared to say the name of your language in English and the MassHealth worker should arrange an interpreter. Use the TTY to arrange for an ASL interpreter.

To learn more, see MassHealth's Language Assistance page.

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Enrollment assisters
Health_MassHealth_Enrollment Assisters

Get help with applying for or renewing MassHealth or Health Connector coverage, or enrolling in a managed care plan.

The list of local Navigators and Certified Application Counselors includes the languages their staff speak. 

These organizations may also use phone interpreters to help you with other languages.


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