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Residential property owners who receive a Lead Law Letter of Full Compliance or a Letter of Interim Control are eligible for a State Tax Credit to help with the cost of deleading. Additional information concerning the Lead Paint Tax Credit can be obtained by calling the Massachusetts Department of Revenue at 617‑887‑MDOR or 800‑392­6089, or checking its website.

The state "Get the Lead Out" program provides low-cost financing to owners of 1- to 4-family properties to remove lead paint and reduce the possibilities of lead poisoning among children. Owner-occupants who meet the income guidelines are eligible for a 0% deferred payment loan not due until the sale, transfer, or refinancing of the property. Investor-owners are eligible for 3% loans on properties that are being rented to income-eligible households, with loan terms from 5-20 years, based on the size of the loan and borrower qualifications. More information about this loan program can be obtained by contacting the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency (click on Home Ownership) or call 617-854-1000; to locate a housing rehabilitation agency in the area for assistance in applying for financing and in locating authorized personnel to handle the inspection and abatement process.

The Home Improvement Loan Program (HILP) offers low-interest loans to delead owner-occupied 1- to 4-family homes and residential condominiums that have been the borrower's principal residence for a minimum of one year. Loans range from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $25,000 per home, and can complement the "Get the Lead Out" program by funding work that exceeds the
"Get the Lead Out" loan maximum. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency (click on Home Ownership) or call 617-854-1000 to find the nearest HILP agent.

The HUD 203(K) Program helps current homeowners and investor-owners of 1- to
4-family homes to refinance their mortgage to pay for deleading costs. A minimum of $5,000 in repairs must be performed. The program is capable of financing major deleading jobs because the loan amount is based upon the value of the property after the deleading work has been completed. The program also provides an opportunity to renovate a home and perform other major and minor repairs. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Massachusetts Office of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at 617-994-8200 for a list of participating lenders.

In addition to the above, financing for deleading may be available at local Community Development, Planning, or Rehabilitation agency offices. These government agencies are normally located at the city or town hall. Other programs may be offered by community banks, mortgage companies, or other local lenders.


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