61. Can I enroll in an education or training through DTA’s “SNAP Path to Work” program?

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Yes. DTA works with many employment and training providers to offer job search, on-the-job training and training programs for SNAP recipients. These services are offered through DTA’s “SNAP Path to Work” program.

Any SNAP recipient age 16 or older can volunteer for a SNAP ET program1. If you are approved, you do not need to pay for the training program. You can enroll and participate for free.

Plus, if you are doing an employment and training program through DTA, DTA will provide money for transportation and connect you to a voucher for free childcare if you have children.

The SNAP Path to Work providers should be able to:

  • Help you update your resume,
  • Help you develop interview skills or look for work,
  • Offer to enroll you in education programs that include English as a second language, Adult Basic Education or GED,
  • Offer to enroll you in a community college or other certificate program to help you get a specific skill, and
  • Help you build other job skills.

To learn more and find a program, visit SNAPPathToWork.org

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