85. What other benefits do TAFDC recipients get?

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DTA will pay

You are also eligible for education and training services under the Pathways to Work Program and for child care if you are working or in an approved education, training or job search program. You may be eligible for transportation assistance. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will pay for HiSET (high school equivalency) tests. See the following questions:

After your TAFDC case closes you may be eligible for subsidized child care, see who is eligible for child care through DTA, and for a temporary cash stipend, see getting transitional cash benefits after you leave TAFDC.

Homeless families and pregnant individuals may also be eligible for emergency shelter through the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities. Apply by calling 866-584-0653 or at your local DTA office if it is open. See Mass.gov/how-to/find-emergency-family-shelter.


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