12. What proofs does DTA need and when?

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During the interview, the DTA worker should verbally tell you what proofs are required and ask if you need their help getting them1. DTA should then send you a verification checklist (also called a “VC-1”) with at least 10 days for you to get the mandatory proofs back to them.

How much time you have for proofs

You have a full 30 days from the day you apply before DTA can send a denial notice. If you had an interview but some proofs are still missing by Day 30, DTA will send you a “pending denial notice.”2 This means you have another 30 days to get them missing proofs and not have to reapply. See what if DTA does not give you SNAP back to the date you applied (“pro- rating”) if you send DTA your proof more than 30 days after you apply.

DTA cannot limit proofs to any single document. Any document that proves an eligibility factor should be accepted3. If you have trouble getting DTA proofs, ask DTA for help!

If you got SNAP or cash benefits in the past and are re-applying, DTA should not ask for permanent verifications you already gave them in the past, such as proof of your age or identity.

Mandatory proofs

The SNAP rules require that you provide proof of certain mandatory eligibility factors4. This includes proof of:

  • the identity of the head of household (the person who applies and whose name is on the EBT card and on DTA notices),
  • your Massachusetts residence,
  • the Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for all household members who are applying (no need to send DTA the SSN cards),
  • current earned income or self-employment (and business expenses),
  • unearned income that DTA cannot verify through a database,
  • the last day of work, if you stopped work recently,
  • immigration status if you or a household member is applying for SNAP but is not a U.S. citizen, and
  • other proofs that DTA needs to be sure you are eligible.

Appendix C lists the mandatory verification factors, and document options. Some information can be self-declared (see self-declare information) or is optional, meaning not required to approve your case, (see optional proofs).


Missing wages

If you have trouble producing missing wage information or your last day of work, DTA can do a “collateral contact” and contact the employer directly for proof. If there is a missing pay stub, DTA should be able to figure out the missing week of income from other pay stubs.

Terminated income

DTA should not ask for proof that income has ended except in very limited situations. If you are asked to prove that a job or other income ended, contact MLRI at [email protected].

A new baby

Do not wait until you have an SSN for the baby. DTA should add the baby to your DTA case without needing an SSN until your next recertification or for 6 months after birth (whichever is later).

Immigrant status

If DTA is waiting on a response from USCIS to confirm your immigration status or for proof of 40 quarters of work history, DTA should issue you SNAP for up to 6 months. See eligibility for federal or state-funded SNAP for legal immigrants.

DTA Online Guide

See Appendix G for links to the DTA’s BEACON 5 Online Guide for this section.


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