29. How do I ask DTA for an accommodation?

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DTA is required to ask all clients if they have a disability and need an accommodation. A DTA worker is supposed to ask these questions at application and recertification, and also when a client raises disability. You can ask for an accommodation at any time that you need one.

You can ask a DTA case worker to connect you to a Client Assistance Coordinator (CAC) for an accommodation.

  • Each DTA local office has a CAC who can help with the accommodation process and other disability related needs. You should explain why the disability means you need the accommodation you are requesting.
  • You can also talk to a CAC through a Zoom video conference through your computer at home or at a local DTA office.
  • Once you ask for an accommodation, DTA should work with you to figure out what accommodation is appropriate. For example, if you ask for something DTA says they cannot do, instead of denying your request, they should discuss other options with you.

DTA does not usually ask for medical proof that you need the accommodation. If DTA does ask for proof, you can ask the Client Assistance Coordinator to help you get it.

For a list of Client Assistance Coordinators in each local office, go to Mass.gov/service-details/dta-disability-access

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