32. What if I have concerns about my safety and access to my case information?

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DTA can take steps to protect you from people who may try to harm you or steal your personal information two ways:

First, if you are concerned about safety or unauthorized persons accessing your information, ask DTA to put a “block” on getting case information from DTA Connect or the automated part of the DTA Assistance Line. You can still talk to a DTA worker over the phone or in person at a local DTA office, but you won’t be able to use DTA Connect or the automated Assistance Line. Call DTA at 1-877-382-2363 and ask a worker to put a block on “online services.” You can remove the block at any time by calling DTA.

Second, you can also ask DTA for a “heightened level of security” on your case. This means that DTA will put extra privacy protection on your case, which can be very important for victims of domestic violence or violent crimes. To ask about this extra level of security contact a Domestic Violence specialist at DTA.

DTA has Domestic Violence Specialists in each DTA office to assist individuals who are experiencing DV. For information and ways to contact DV specialists at a local DTA office, go to Mass.gov/info-details/dta-domestic-violence-services.

You can also talk to a DV specialist through a Zoom video call from your personal computer/smartphone or at a local DTA office. Tell a DTA worker or the DV specialist if you want a virtual Zoom call.


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