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Pattie Whiting

It is important from the moment that you begin your tenancy that you save and make copies of all communications you have with your landlord. When you send a letter to your landlord, make sure you sign and date it. You never know if or when a problem may come up where you will need certain records. You should save:

  • Keep proof of all rent payments in a safe place. Save all rent receipts, cancelled checks, and copies of money orders.
  • Keep proof of any deposits. Save all receipts, cancelled checks or money orders that you used to pay a security deposit or last month’s rent.
  • Keep all communications. Keep all letters, emails or other written communication to or from the landlord.

The best thing to do is to put all of these documents together in an envelope or folder and keep them in a safe place.

Because it is easy to forget the details of conversations or events, it is a good idea to keep a written diary or log of when important events happen. For example, when something breaks or if the heat goes off, record dates and times of when it went off, when you contacted the landlord, when the landlord said she would make the repair, and when the landlord fixed the problem.


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