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Does DTA send text messages or emails?

Produced by Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Reviewed March 2023

Yes! In addition to paper notices and information posted on DTA Connect, DTA reaches out to households at certain points via text and/or email with status updates and information on DTA benefits. For example, DTA texts/emails when DTA:

  1. receives your application 
  2. schedules an interview, or you miss your interview DTA is missing proofs or when they get documents
  3. approves, denies or closes your SNAP case
  4. sends you an EBT card
  5. approves your Interim Report/Recertification 

The text messages DTA sends will show up from “382 674.”

You can opt out by replying "opt out" to the text message. General texts about statewide information (e.g. vaccines) are sent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Haitian Creole, and Vietnamese. Case-specific texts are sent in English and Spanish. And you can update your phone number or add an email address on DTA Connect.

Important Reminder: Never provide your personal information, EBT card number, or Personal Identification Number (PIN) to unidentified callers, or to a link provided via text or email. DTA will never ask for your PIN. Learn more at Mass.gov/ProtectYourEBT.

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