54. How should you choose a Work Program activity?

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You have the right to choose which Work Program activities you will use to meet the work requirement. You have the right to pick an education or training program or any other countable activity, including community service.

New applicants have 12 weeks called “Employment Planning” to set goals, get child care set up, and learn about and enroll in an activity. Appendix E (DTA Online Guide Links).

Ask your worker about training or education programs that DTA pays for. Also ask about programs that other agencies pay for, such as adult basic education and training programs paid for by other agencies. In general, it is not good to borrow money to pay for an education or training program, except for college programs that qualify for low-interest loans and have a good track record of helping graduates get jobs.

As long as you choose a countable activity, DTA should approve it and put it in your Pathways to Work plan. See Pathways to Work Plan.

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