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What information can I self-declare?

Produced by Patricia Baker and Victoria Negus
Reviewed January 2018

The SNAP rules allow you to self-declare:

  • Your household living situation (for example, if you live with others, you can self-declare that you purchase and prepare food separately)
  • The U.S. citizenship of any household member,
  • Your date of birth (DTA will double check this when verifying your SSN),
  • Your shelter expenses (rent, homeownership costs, types of utilities you pay for),
  • Your child care or adult dependent care expenses.

You can declare the information above on your SNAP application, recertification form, an interim report or any separate sworn statement you sign and date.  See Appendix C for a sample form to declare shelter and dependent care costs.

DTA should accept your self-declaration unless DTA determines the information is questionable. See What if DTA questions the proofs I sent them or demands more proofs? 

106 C.M.R. §§ 361.610 (A), (K)361.800363.210(D)364.450.

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